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Intelligent choice: The business benefits of using RingCentral

When it comes to technology investment, the bottom line is always going to be the return…

3 Key Ways PLM Software Facilitates Innovation in the Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

Innovation is a necessity for keeping your consumer goods brand relevant and profitable…

Cutting Through Complexity and climbing costs in consumer goods supply chains

For consumer goods companies there are a coalescing set of trends that are making their supply chains more…

The Total Economic Impact ™ Of Google BigQuery And Looker

Google BigQuery and Looker bring strong analytics and insights capabilities to the Google data cloud…

The Business Value of Google Workspace

As organizations seek to refine how they will operate in more fluid and flexible hybrid work models…

How RingCentral has modernized some of today’s biggest businesses

When it comes to investing in technology, IT leaders’ top priorities are cutting down on…

The most remarkable findings

In early 2023, we discovered an ongoing attack targeting government entities…

As busy ‘warnings season’ nears end, a new reality sets in for H2 2023

Evonik on 10 July announced that Q2 adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation…

The Total Economic Impact ™ Of Google Kubernetes Engine with Autopilot

Software containerization provides organizations with a versatile tool to improve efficiency…

Harnessing Unstructured Data is Critical for Business Success

As the volume, velocity, and variety of data swells, so too does the need for a more sophisticated…

Unified Fast File & Object (UFFO) Storage

Once upon a time, cellphones were just cellphones. They stored contacts, made calls, and sent texts…

2023 Work-from-Anywhere Global Study

Fortinet commissioned a global research study to get a better understanding of companies’ current..

Analyzing the Economic Benefits of the Pure Evergreen Storage Program

For decades, organizations have suffered through a storage lifecycle that requires them to…

Pure Storage’s Evergreen//Forever Subscription Ushers in New FlashBlade//S as a Premier Platform

Since its introduction in 2015, Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage has helped deliver a stellar customer…

Pure Storage’s Next-Generation FlashBlade//S Delivers a Huge Leap Forward for Unstructured Data Storage

As enterprises work through digital transformation — the wholesale migration to much more datacentric…

How to achieve a 3X ROI with Slack

Love it or hate it, remote work has become a major part of…

Real-world SLAs and Availability Requirements

Data protection technologies and processes mean nothing unless objectives are not only…


In the world of Marketing and Sales, a decade is a long time. Just ten years ago, most of us would never have…

DataOps Plays Key Role in Financial Services

DataOps Plays Key Role in Financial ServicesThe financial services industry is often early to adopt…

Mixed Feelings Why Customer Service Is Led by Emotions

Today’s consumer is very autonomous: they only reach out to customer service if they can’t find…

HITT Contracting Saves Valuable Time on Project Closeout with Pype

In the world of Marketing and Sales, a decade is a long time. Just ten years ago, most of us would never have…

Building a Better Submittal Log

Construction is one of those industries that has a lot of jargon…

Conquering Project Closeout

You set up the pre–con meeting, worry about mobilizing, review the drawings and specifications…

HITT Contracting Saves Valuable Time on Project Closeout with Pype

Ranked as one of the top 35 largest general contractors in the United States, HITT Contracting (HITT) is known…

Engaging All Parents: A 6 Part Guide to School Communications That Work

Dive into successful school communication with ‘Engaging All Parents: A 6-Part Guide…

The Case for Coming to School: Improving Attendance With One Proven Approach

Students who come to school regularly have far better options and opportunities open to them…

Foundations of Scalable Systems Designing Distributed Architectures

The last 20 years have seen unprecedented growth in the size, complexity, and capacity of software systems….

Sophos Incident Response Planning Guide

This document is designed to provide…

Back to Business It’s time to reset the clock on data analytics

Why Isn’t There More Adoption…

Enhancing Productivity

As businesses of all sizes…

2023 State of B2B eCommerce Report

Over the years we’ve had countless…

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Retail Commerce Platform Software Providers 2023 Vendor Assessment

According to IDC’s Global Retail…

A business view of IT asset management: Current state and near-term outlook

The third in a series of annual…

The Next Value Driver for Global Business Services

Ten years or so ago, enterprises with…

Slowing down to speed up

High stakes for high growth businesses…

4 steps to optimize your organization to accelerate transformation

Why Finance Leaders are Prioritizing Efficiency?…


Demands on media producers and distributors…

Four Signs That You’re Outgrowing for Accounts Payable

For many small businesses, offers an adequate…

Finance Leadership at all Stages of Growth

Why Finance Leaders are Prioritizing Efficiency?…

A Bank for the Future: Hyperautomation

In this report, we explore the future of…

Reflect rethink revise

Do we have to completely rethink field service as we know it…

The future of retail customer service: Interactive and unified

Amidst a challenging business environment, retailers…

Voices from the Factory Floor

The good news is 88% of individuals in operational…

Did you know you can extend Service Now to your customer operations?

As an IT leader, you can use your ServiceNow ® platform…

Customer Operations For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition

Delivering high-quality customer service has always…

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Retail Strategy and Execution

The retail industry is no stranger to disruption…

How Industry Newcomers Are Redefining Banking

New age challenger banks and non-banking service providers….

Design frictionless banking experiences

Why is it so challenging to create….

CX trends 2023, healthcare

Tickets volumes will increase, and companies are investing more….

Manage costs, support growth, and drive retention during an economic slowdown

During periods of economic instability and uncertainty, customer service leaders…

Zendesk Suite Growth

Let customers find their own answers With 5x as many Answer Bot resolutions you can….

Microsoft Teams and Telephony : Why Small Businesses Prefer UCaaS Providers

When it comes to integrating calling into Microsoft Teams, integrating calling services from a Unified Communications as a Service (U CaaS )….

Turn your app into a streaming platform

Sendbird Live helps brands host real-time interactive video streams in their own app. Engage and monetize…

A spotlight on small business success stories

Based in Indianapolis, Morning Light is an award- winning nonprofit hospice residence for the terminally….

Re-Imagining The Legacy Insurer

This research report helps incumbent insurers and their insurtech partners identify key success factors in digital…..

Redefine access to internal applications with Zscaler Private Access

Why do enterprises still rely on incumbent technology that depends on the use of appliances anchored…


DevOps is a range of tools and cultural philosophies for streamlining software or application release cycles….

Raman Spectroscopy for Reaction Advancement Monitoring

Epoxy is a general term referring to epoxy resins, both the individual components and the cured results. Epoxy resins are….

Security Orchestration and Automation Playbook

Security orchestration and automation helps teams improve their security posture and create efficiency…

4 Steps to Prove the Value of Your Vulnerability Management Program

It’s no secret that most cybersecurity teams are understaffed, underbudgeted, and underrecognized within their organizations…

People Work > Paperwork

Your guide to adding value back to performance management, learning, and your day-to-day work life….

Qlik® Sense architectural overview

Qlik Sense is designed to support self-service visualization in a scalable, secure, and governable way…

Unleash the power of your file data in the cloud

An insufficient approach to your applications data limits both your team’s and your ability to innovate and grow…

A new approach to improving confidence in low-level measurements of nanostructures

The study of new semiconducting materials, high temperature superconductors, photovoltaic devices, and organic…

Next Generation Technology is Driving Life Sciences Innovation in R&D

While advancing medical treatments worldwide, the rapid pace of innovation in the healthcare sector..

National/Industry/Cloud Exposure Report (NICER)

The Rapid7 Research team’s dense, data-rich tome of exposure observations across countries, industries, and services..

Managing the Faster Pace of Low-Code Powered Innovation

Low-code is a game changer on many levels. It can accelerate development by 20x over traditional full-stack coding…

Migration to Innovation: Developing a Technology Plan to Execute Strategic Priorities

This guide suggests four key steps that business leaders and CIOs/CTOs can take in charting their course..

Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platform

A proven strategy for successful government IT modernization and digital transformation is introducing technologies..

Agree Better with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

Digital technology is disrupting every industry and resetting customer expectations.Today, customers want..

Eight Digital Best Practices for IT Professionals

Industry experts predict that successful businesses will soon become 100% digital for all transactions. The key challenge is..

Eight Digital Best Practices for Sales Professionals

Industry experts predict that successful businesses will soon become 100% digital for all transactions.

Beyond on-demand for DDoS defense

The global pandemic changed the way we work, travel, play, and stay connected — increasing our reliance on the Internet, more than ever.

Cloudflare is Recognized as Leader in the 2020 SPARK Matrix of Bot Management Market

Cloudflare has emerged as an innovative and leading bot management provider amongst the 10 vendors evaluated by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

Common browser isolation challenges, and how to overcome them

Every security team wants to keep their employees and data safe from the latest threats.To accomplish that, many are implementing a Zero Trust security strategy.

2021 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

The global pandemic spurred a digital revolution. From purchasing goods and services, to visiting their healthcare .

IAM For The Hybrid Enterprise

Organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud for cost savings, but they have many business critical applications.

Access Management

The opportunity to build customer loyalty starts at the beginning of the digital customer journey.

AI eGuide: Find Unhappy Users Before they Complain

Whether your organization is a fast mover or fast follower, the ability to increase your velocity gives you the advantage ..


One of the attractions of new technology is that we can be happier and more productive in doing more with less.

Everything You Need To Build An AI-Driven Enterprise

The AI-Driven Enterprise embraces experience as the new uptime. It’s about leveraging tools interfaces and data.

Building Confidence in Geolocation Data

It’s a fact: Making geographic determinations for IP addresses without invasive or opt-in methods is an..

Cracking Down on Password Sharing?

Did you know that password sharing is costing providers of over-the-top (OTT) Content big money -an estimated..

The Insider’s Guide To IP Geolocation Data During COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a big impact on how we work. Events and meetings are being canceled or postponed.

Types of Silos Holding Back Your Marketing Team

Is your marketing team disconnected? Other teams at your company use Workfront, to connect work.

Steps to Design the Ideal Martech Stack

As a marketer do you wish you had a centralised Work management application that would provide the efficiency, visibility.

Experts on Flawless Campaign Execution

Did you know that other teams at your company are already working smarter to deliver campaigns faster with Workfront.

Skills & Competencies: What’s the Deal?

Understand the difference – and empower your workforce.Building an agile, resilient organisation requires both skills ..

Returning to the Workplace and Emerging Stronger

What’s the next right step in the wake of a global pandemic? This guide offers a step-by-step checklist to help your organization.

FSN Innovation Showcase 2020: Workday

Workforce planning and analytics that tackle change. Many organisations are realising the benefits of a more agile and efficient.

Holistic Endpoint Security Requires Built-In, Hardware-Based Defenses

The business criticality and cyber-risk of endpoint devices could not be greater. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many..

HP Wolf Security: Blurred Lines and Blind Spots Report

Of the many effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on business, one of the most dramatic has been the…

5 Ransomware Protection Best Practices

The war against ransomware is real and everyone must be prepared for an attack on their data. By preparing in advance.

9 steps to IT audit readiness

The complexities of today’s IT risk and regulatory environment are constantly increasing. IT professionals are finding ..

Case Study: UnitingCare

One of Australia’s largest non-profit health, aged care, disability, and community service providers, UnitingCare helps people from..

HP Wolf Security: Rebellions & Rejections Report

The global pandemic forced organizations to pivot rapidly from an office-based workforce model to one in which dynamic…

Making It Safe for Your People to Work Remotely eBook

These days, more of your people—maybe even your entire workforce—are working from home. Your operations have shifted..

SASE Security Buyer’s Guide

As workers return to on-site work—and while many organizations remain remote—safely,consistently connecting dispersed..

The Practical Executive’s Guide to Data Loss

As companies are adjusting to remote workspaces, DLP (data loss prevention) has evolved from a “might have” to a ..

What to Look for in an On-Demand Pay App

our employees use smartphone apps for everything why not have one that eliminates stress on the job, because they feel more financially secure?

Dell And Partners Workforce Productivity Benefits

Dell and its partners provide a range of solutions that enable their customers to transform the capabilities of the workforce.

HP Wolf Security: Rebellions & Rejections Report

The global pandemic forced organizations to pivot rapidly from an office-based workforce model to one in which dynamic, hybrid working is the norm.